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Dvortcsak Speech and Language Services, Inc
Focusing on Children with Autism & Social Communication Disorders
Programs & Services
We offer assessments and parent training along with a full curriculum to help both the child and the parent throughout the program.

In Home Speech Therapy

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Parent Training
Assessments are conducted over two to four 50-75 minute sessions. Components of the assessment include: review of previous testing; standardized speech and language assessments, observation, and parent questionnaire and interview. Once the assessment is completed an individualized treatment plan is developed. The amount of time to complete the assessment is individualized depending on the child’s needs and previous testing. 

Parent training is an essential component of successful early intervention and early childhood special education programs for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and social communication delays.   Project ImPACT (Improving Parents as Communication Teachers) is an evidence-based parent-training program that teaches parents to promote their child’s social-communication skills during daily routines and activities.  The program was developed by Anna Dvortcsak, MS, CCC-SLP and Brooke Ingersoll, PhD, BCBA-D.


Project ImPACT is a Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Intervention or NDBI. This means it uses a blend of developmental and naturalistic behavioral intervention techniques to teach social communication skills during play and daily routines. It has four guiding principles.

The teaching goals are guided by typical development. All children learn skills in a similar order. This means that you may need to work on earlier skills, such as using gestures to communicate, before you work on later skills, like using words to communicate. Your coach will work with you to you choose goals for your child based on his or her current skills.

Teaching happens during play and other daily routines. Teaching during daily activities has been found to be more effective, receives higher satisfaction ratings from parents, and is easier to use in the home than highly structured approaches.

Developmental strategies are used to increase your child’s engagement and initiations. These techniques are based on research indicating a relationship between parents’ degree of responsiveness and their child’s social communication development.

ABA techniques are used to teach your child new skills. This program uses teaching techniques from applied behavior analysis, or ABA. ABA is very effective for teaching new skills. This program will teach you specific ABA techniques to help your child learn new social communication skills.

The individual program was designed to be conducted in 24 sessions with 1:1 intervention for the child. The parent must be present during the session and is taught to use techniques to enhance their child’s social communication skills. Techniques are taught through written materials, verbal description, demonstration, and parent practice with feedback


Link to purchase manual: https://www.guilford.com/books/Teaching-Social-Communication-to-Children-with-Autism/Ingersoll-Dvortcsak/9781606234402 
Dvortcsak Speech and Language Services, Inc was founded in June of 2006 by Anna Dvortcsak who has a bachelor's and master's degree in Communicative Disorders from California's University of Redlands. It offers Speech Therapy and Parent Training. The company's focus is on providing in-home speech therapy for children with autism.

Anna, who is a licensed speech-language pathologist (SLP), was quoted as saying that her goal is to help children with social communication challenges communicate effectively and engage with others. She added that she wants to help children learn to participate in daily routines and in activities they enjoy.

Aside from Anna, there are other SLPs working for Dvortcsak Speech and Language Services, Inc. They have all had extensive training in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and a range of developmental interventions for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD. These SLPs are likewise trained to implement the ImPACT (Improving Parents as Communication Teachers) Program.

Dvortcsak Speech and Language Services has established itself as a dependable provider of speech and language therapy, autism parent training, and in-home speech therapy. It serves clients in the Portland, Oregon area.

Dvortcsak Speech and Language Services holds office at the following address:

818 SW 3rd Avenue #68
Portland, Oregon 97204
United States

Those who want to get in touch with Dvortcsak Speech and Language Services, Inc may call (503) 887-1130. It so happens that Dvortcsak Speech and Language Services offers free consultations over the phone. Those who want to request more information may send an email to anna@dslsi.com.